Crash's Scrap Metals
Since 1953
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about us

Crash's Scrap Metals is a privately owned independent scrap metals recycling facility.  It was founded in 1953 by Ralph "Crash" Giovinazzo.  From very modest beginnings, Crash started the business with one truck, one small building, and his three young sons.

Today, Crash's Scrap Metals is owned and operated by the Crash Brothers of Utica and their sons.  We have developed a creditable position within the scrap metal recycling market in both the local and global communities.

Crash's Scrap Metals is an environmental leader in the recycling industry.  Scrap metal recycling can be harsh on the environment, however it is a very necessary process.  Not only do we strive to stay current, we are committed to exceeding environmental regulations and standards.  We haul your scrap with company owned trucks and trailers so you will never have to worry about our commitment to handling your scrap safely and responsibly.  We take pride in the fact that we are compliant with the DEC's (Department of Environmental Conservation) requirements.


167 West River Road · Frankfort · NY 13440  |  tel: +1-315-735-4451 · fax: +1-315-733-8884